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April’s Meet the Howler post is here and you are in for a howling good time. If you were a part of the voting process for the 2016 Cage Matches, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen our next Howler on twitter because she is a voting, tweeting, and promoting rockstar. Today you’re going to get to know Alicia (@aliarchb)! Are you ready to meet our new Howler? Let’s get started!


Let’s start off easy. Tell us a little about yourself. (Make sure you tell us how you became a part of the Howlers!)

I am a tall, pale, ginger from Toronto(ish) who loves dragons and cats. I have my dream job, working in a bookstore. I discovered Red Rising when a customer came in desperate for Golden Son and raving about how amazing it is. A week later my coworker showed me Red Rising and that time I bought it and fell in love!

2. What do you consider your main role in the Red Rising fandom?

Does stuffing ballot boxes for contests count? Or pressuring everyone I meet to read it (and vote)? That tactic works well because it’s my staff pick at work so I’m paid to convince people to buy it. I did also create the #HowlersofTO hashtag on Instagram, for Pierce’s Morning Star visit to Toronto. We were first in line that day!

3. I know it’s going to be hard to pick, but who is your favorite character in the Red Rising Trilogy and why? (If you can’t narrow it down to just one, give us your top 3!)

Victra, she’s such a badass. Telling it as it is, kicking ass and taking names. I also love that she is so loyal to those around her, but don’t mess with her.

4. Which book in the trilogy is your favorite? If you can’t pick a favorite there, or if you just want to answer all three, do you have a favorite quote or scene from one of them?

Morning Star, I just loved how perfect the ending was, but my emotions, MY EMOTIONS.

5. If you could bring back one character…


6. Leaving out the Red Rising books, what books are on your favorites shelf?

Lord of the Rings and Narnia, and anything Charles Dickens (my cats are Besta Times and the Artful Dodger)

7. If you had a lifetime supply of any one item, what would it be?

Cherry Coke, which I can’t get in Canada and I buy cases of it everytime I visit the US. (Psssttt, can American Howlers send me some? Smuggle some over the border for me)

8. Give us two truths and a lie all about yourself. Then be prepared for everyone to pester you on twitter to figure out if they know which is which. (This always seems to be a fandom favorite!)

I’ve met the Queen of England, I’ve met the King of Sweden, I’ve met Queen of the Netherlands.

9. Ready to play a little ‘This or That’? Here we go:

  • E-book or Print Copy?

Print Copy.

  • Morning or Night?


  • Coffee or Tea?

Don’t make me choose!!

  • Mountains or Beach?

Don’t make me choose!!

  • High Heels or Flip-flops?

High Heels

  • Introvert or Extrovert?


  • Beer or Wine?


  • Chocolate or Vanilla?


  • Book or Movie?


  • Facebook or Twitter?


10. Did I forget anything? Anything you want to add or a question you’ve always wished someone would ask you? (You have to give the answer to the question too!)

Just wanted to say thanks for being such an awesome, hilarious fandom. Everyone I’ve met through this fandom is friendly and lovely. Thanks everyone for being amazing. And of course, thanks Pierce for creating this whole world and sharing it with us!

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Thanks for joining us this month! Make sure you tune in again next month!

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