“Men are not created equal; we all know this. There are averages. There are outliers. There are the ugly. There are the beautiful. This would not be if we were all equal. A Red can no more command a starship than a Green can serve as a doctor!” – ArchGovernor Nero au Augustus

“Every Color has a purpose. Every Color props up the Golds.”- Darrow

When the first colonists ventured forth from Earth to make their home on the moon, they created a hierarchy for labor. In time, they improved this hierarchy through genetic and surgical manipulation. The result was a color coded Society of perfect efficiency, dominated by a superior breed of humanity, the Golds. It was they who rebelled against Earth, conquered her, and sowed the seeds of their Society across the Solar System. (from

What Color suits you? Read the descriptions below to determine where you fit in.

Gold Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownThe fiercely intelligent rulers of humanity.

The ruling class of Society, the Golds are the pinnacle of humanity. Inspired by Greek myth, these cruel, beautiful people use their raw intellect, brutal physicality, and fierce political cunning to rule the Society with an iron fist.

Silver Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownInnovator, financiers, and businessmen.

The drivers of the Society’s economy, Silvers are bred to innovate products, run businesses, and manage financial markets. They are neither physically nor mentally equipped for struggles of power, and so rely upon the health of the Society’s Color Hierarchy to preserve their privileged place.

White Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownPriests and priestesses that oversee the ritual functions of the Society.

Whites are the rarest of the colors. They are rumored to be devoid of emotion. Raised in isolated convents, they separate themselves from man in order to cultivate a highly rigid personal code of asceticism and justice. This enables them to serve as judges of law to both HighColors and LowColors.

Copper Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownAdministrators, lawyers, and bureaucrats.

Coppers are the cogs in the machine of the Society’s government and manufacturing infrastructure. They are Pecksniffian and sycophantic by nature, and would love nothing better than an evening of networking. Yet without the oversight of Copper supervisors, mines, farms, and factories would no longer function and Society would crumble.

Blue Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownPilots and astronavigators.

Blues are bred to crew starships. They navigate the stars.

Yellow Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownExperts in human and natural sciences.

Primarily doctors, psychologists, and scientists, Yellows are a highly trained academic caste. Bookish and introspective, they are typically found in the upper echelons of Society, congregating around the University Districts of Venus and Luna.

Green Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownThe programmers and developers of the Society’s technology.

Greens are a diverse lot of physicists, hackers, system administrators, and engineers.

Violet Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownThe artists of the Society.

Violets are bred with greater creative and emotional faculties, This curious caste produces musicians, writers, artists, dancers, designers, actors, carvers, and directors. They exist to entertain the Society, and are are highly prized by Gold and SIlver households, who serve as patrons for the Violet arts.

Orange Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownProviders of systems support upon starships and all manner of mechanical enterprises.

Raised to tinker, it is said Oranges are born with grease already under their fingernails. Proficient in all manner of advanced mechanical engineering, Oranges provide systems support on starships, maintain and construct factory equipment, run sanitation plants, terraforming machines, and all manner of mechanical enterprises. They are the most prestigious of the labor class due to their advanced technical training and management skills. They are fond of saying that one greasy Orange hand is worth a thousand arms.

Gray Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownThe police and military personnel of the Society.

Grays are valued for their discipline, loyalty, and utter lack of initiative and imagination. While vastly less physically impressive than Golds or Obsidians, Grays train extensively in the arts of modern warfare. Despite this, they are looked at with distaste by HighColors and their fellow MidColors.

Brown Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownUshers, footmen, cooks, and janitors.

Browns perform unskilled tasks in the homes, business, and universities of HIgh- and MidColors. They often work beside Pinks. Unlike Reds, they are docile by nature, the comfort of their work environs not requiring the same extensive physical or mental resilience.

Obsidian Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownMonstrous and insidious in build, Obsidians exist for war.

Many stand over seven feet tall and are famed for the pale skin and white-blonde hair of the Nordic race that inspired their creation. Raised in primitive polar villages and cripplingly superstitious, Obsidians forswear advanced technology in favor of heavy armor and melee weapons. They are raised, bought, and sold by Golds as trophies of status.

Pink Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownBred and trained for the physical arts of pleasure.

Unparalleled in beauty, Pinks are trained in the physical arts of sex, massage, and general pleasure. Like Obsidians, they are often collected by Golds as symbols of status. Unlike Obsidians, they can be owned by Colors other than Gold, from Mid to High. Many are surgically altered to meet the desires of their masters. Except for those kept for reproductive purposes, they are neutered after puberty.

Red Color in Red Rising by Pierce BrownThe worker ants of Society.

Reds are a people of unimaginable mental and physical fortitude. Wherever there is a need for mass labor, from the factories of Lapetus to the mines of Mars, and the agricultural fields of Earth and Venus, Reds toil. Their communities are composed of tight-knit families organized into clans. Years of hardship and deprivation have imbued the Reds with a love of music and dance.

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