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It’s March, Howlers! It’s time for another Red Rising Fandom Friday post! It’s been an awesome few weeks and there is so much awesomeness to share with you all today. We’ve got fanart, kickstarter details, instagram pics, tweets, and other fun to share! Are you ready to hear what the Red Rising Fandom has been up to in the past week? Here we go…

Oh, Pierce.



This guy gives us endless words of wisdom, pics of uber cute puppies, and everything in between. Here are a few of our favorites things that he posted this week:


One of my favorite in-depth interviews with the UK’s scifi bulletin.

Posted by Pierce Brown on Wednesday, March 2, 2016



The Vacancy Chain – Hermit crabs need shells to keep themselves from baking in the sun. When a large new shell washes up on shore a hermit crab will camp in front of it, even if the shell is much too large for the crab. He’s waiting, you see, for a larger crab to come along, discover the shell and leave his own for the recently arrived upgrade. The first crab will then take the abandoned home of the second crab. This takes days , often weeks. And a curious chain reaction begins, with hundreds of little hermit crabs gathering on the beach waiting to upgrade into their neighbors shell. This is called a vacancy chain. For me, there’s always a little sadness leaving a place I’ve loved. But it makes me smile thinking someone else will take my little shell, a place that inspired me, and make it theirs. And someone will take their shell, and someone will take theirs… #movecomplete

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Kickstarter Campaign


Last week we posted the details for the Red Rising Kickstarter Campaign. We know a lot of you already pledged, but did you see the new items that were added? Here are some of the items that could be yours:

  • propaganda poster
  • t-shirts
  • maps
  • pins
  • postcards
  • stickers
  • and more!

Click Here For More Details


Express Online Interview


Pierce Brown chatted with Express Online and the result is one of our favorite articles featuring Pierce yet! Here’s a taste of the good stuff:

“I could see readers’ perspectives of Darrow evolve and was able to mold him to evolve with that.”I also don’t want to take away from the reader’s imagination. I don’t talk too much about how most of my characters look, I want them to have a tonal quality where the reader creates the image for themselves.”

Many readers, myself included, would have felt quite satisfied with the resounding wallop of Morningstar’s epic finale, so the news that another trilogy is on the way is almost a (very welcome) surprise. Even to the author, himself. “The next trilogy is going to be called Iron Gold and takes place ten years after Morningstar,” Pierce tells me.

“I didn’t think I would write more but I stared seeing so many plots, particularly with the Ash Lord and the chaos that happens when an empire falls.

“The main theme of the next series will be, “What is better, rule and order or chaos and freedom?

“But this time there will be multiple points of view, not just Darrow’s. I want to expand the universe and also see how others perceive Darrow.”

Click Here To Read The Full Article



This Week On Social Media


We love interacting with all the Howlers on twitter and instagram. This is such an awesome fandom to be a part of. Here are a few of our favorite things that happened on social media this week:







Fan Art


Every week we are getting more and more Fan Art for Red Rising, which makes us endlessly happy. Here are a couple of our favorite pieces this week:





Past Favorites






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